TME 016: Oil Prices


OIL Prices

So the question on many peoples mind today is how much lower will gas prices go. Personally I never thought gas would get below $3.00 a gallon again. Just the other day I saw gas for $1.88 per gallon. It is crazy. So the question was posed to me the other day “is it time to buy oil?” The answer is no. Since I was asked that question oil prices have fallen another 10% or more.

-When will the fall end?

-When should I buy?

-Will Oil ever get back above $100 per barrel?

The answer to these questions no one knows. What we do know is that oil prices are in a downtrend and getting long now is to early.

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TME 015: Margin Trading


What is Margin Trading? 

When a trader trades using margin they are basically borrowing money to trade. Trading on margin can be very dangerous if you don’t have a good trading plan.

How Margin Trading Works

Margin trading allows a trader to trade more money than you have in your account.


Account value: $10,000

Available to trade: $20,000

So on this 10,000 account this trader could trade 20,000 in the above scenario.

Let’s say you buy 200 shares of aapl at $100. The values of that purchase would be $20,000.

You have enough in your account to cover $10,000. Let’s say that aapl goes from $100 to $50. How much is left in your account? Answer: $0

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