TME 033: Will Your Broker Make You Broker?


I was looking at a house the other day. I was looking at it as an investment property. The house had foundation problems. The man who came to look at the house was a foundation repairman. When he got out of the truck my perception of him was that he probably was a man who had been working his whole life. He probably barely gets by. We talked and I asked him if you could make any money renting houses. He said to my shock I have 30. We talked for a while. In fact he has since become a friend. He is somewhat of a mentor to me in the real-estate world. In that initial conversation he said his houses provide 25k per month. This man educated me on money and how he makes money work for him. At one part of our conversation I asked him what he thought about the stock market. He said I got me a broker one time. He said after he had lost about 200k I figured out that a broker will make you broker.

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