The Market Engineer

Today I want to talk about The Market Engineer. Our website is The first question you might ask is what is The Market Engineer? The Market Engineer is a trading system. There are a lot of sites on the web that offer stock picks. They flash things like make 400% in a week or massive gains by trading penny stocks. That is not what this trading system is that’s not what this website is about. That is not what we do. The Bible is a book full of wisdom. If you are looking for wisdom it is the best place to go. In Proverbs 28:22 it talks about the people who try to get rich quick. That is what a lot of the stock pick sites try to do. Here is what it says.

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Currency Pairs

What is a currency pair? Recently there has been talk of a wall between the US and Mexico. This wall has been the talk of much conversation in the political world and on the news media.


Now you might be asking what does this have to do with currency pairs. We will get to that in a minute but first. Several years ago I was in Aguascalientes Mexico. There were several things I noticed as we flew into Aguascalientes. First there were people with machine guns at the airport. Second the people drive crazy. And third for one US dollar you could get 13 pesos. That has changed recently. Currently this currency pair is 1 for 20. So that means the Mexican peso has gone down against the US dollar. Now this currency pair has been in the news lately because of the political environment but it’s not the only currency pair in the world. If you go to futures website you will see the futures market for many currency pairs.

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TME 035: Penny Stocks


What are penny stocks?

Low priced small cap stocks are known as penny stocks. A penny stock is pretty much anything under five dollars.

Penny Diving

I was watching a video on YouTube or the news I’m not sure which one it was. In the video a girl was looking at her cell phone. She was not watching where she was going. As she was walking she did not realize that she was walking towards a wishing well. She went into the wishing well and got soaking wet. She was diving for pennies.

If you trade penny stocks keep your eyes open or you might be like the girl in the video.

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