TME 37: Seven Ways To Become A Better Trader


So why do you want to become a better trader. The obvious reason would be to make more money. For some you might want to become a better trader so you can start making money and stop losing money. Whatever the reason we can all get better. Today we want to share ways that will help you become a better trader. Our list is ranked in order of importance the way we see it.

The Market Engineer Top 7 ways to become a better trader List:

#7 Determine Your Goals

Someone has said that if you aim at nothing you will hit it every time. Everyone needs goals. Whether we are talking about trading or everyday life, you need goals.
In trading your number one goal should be to follow your trading plan or system. Your secondary goal should be how much money you make. How much money you make is dependent on your system. To follow your system you must have confidence in your trading system. If you lack confidence then it will be hard to follow your system. In order to have confidence in your system you must test your system.

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