The Light Bulb Moment

The Market Engineer


People hate math. People are scared to death of math. Why? It is because they do not understand it. One day I sat in math class and the teacher wrote equations on the board that I did not understand.  I tried to figure it out and then the light bulb went off. I got it. It all became clear. When it became clear all math became easy to understand.

The same thing happened in trading. I tried to figure it out then one day the light bulb went off. In books they say you have to have a system. I did not understand. In videos they say you have to have a system. I did not understand. Then I developed a system from the math background that I talked of above.  I then followed the system. I tested the system. Then I believed in the system. Belief is the final step. 

Once you believe in the system then you just do what is says. 

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2 Month Challenge

I challenge you to sign up for one of our systems.  You will get 2 months free on any system you choose (the gold has all the systems included). Get an account that lets you paper trade or find an app on your phone, test the system, follow the system, then believe in the system. Do not trade a system that you do not believe in. 

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