Beat The Bee

My dad wanted bees. One day while at work my brother noticed that a group of bees had swarmed onto a tree outside. So dad and I developed a plan we would catch the bees and put them in his bee box and the six months later have honey. 

That night we went up to the factory with a five-gallon bucket. The plan worked. I held the bucket and my dad raked them off the limb into the bucket with a brush. Now to most people this would have been unbearable and to some it would have been dangerous. We did not have bee suits on. I had bees on my face crawling all around.  There were thousands of bees. I was only stung five times. That is a small price to pay for the big payout. The payout would be gallons and gallons of sweet pure homemade honey.

That is kind of how trading is. Those small little losses may eat at you they may sting a little. They may drain your account down. 

 In the end if you stick to a system the honey will come.

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