Gold Trading System

Today we want to talk about our gold trading system. This was the name of our highest membership but we changed it to the aggressive trader membership. The new Gold Trading System is a new trading system that trades gold. It trades gold using the ETF GLD.

Gold is something that has obviously been around for a long time.

Gold Trading System: In ancient days

In the Bible there was a king over Judah named Hezekiah. He lived 716-697 bc. That is a long time ago. He was a righteous man. Later, Hezekiah became very sick. Isaiah told him to set things in order and prepare to die (2 Kings 20:1). But Hezekiah prayed, asking God to be merciful and to remember all the good he had done.

Before Isaiah left the king’s house, God told Isaiah to tell Hezekiah that his prayer had been heard and that his life would be extended fifteen years. Isaiah applied a poultice, and Hezekiah was healed (2 Kings 20:5–7)

However, soon after his healing, Hezekiah made a serious mistake. The Babylonians sent a gift to Hezekiah, for they had heard Hezekiah had been sick. In foolish pride, Hezekiah showed the Babylonians all of his treasures, all the silver and gold, and everything in his arsenal.

There was nothing Hezekiah did not parade in front of them. Isaiah rebuked Hezekiah for this act and prophesied that all the king had shown the Babylonians would one day be taken to Babylon—along with Hezekiah’s own descendants. So the Gold was revealed and Babylonians came back to get it.

 Gold Trading System: Gold in the 1970s

In 1971 the US left the gold standard. At that time gold was at $35 per ounce. Before that time there was a saying that the dollars was as good as Gold. When the U.S. was on the gold standard the dollar was backed by Gold. Now many will argue for the gold standard. Others will argue against the gold standard. That is not our job. We are traders. What would a Gold Trading System have done from the 1970s to today?

Gold Trading System: Today

In the past gold was worth something and it’s worth something now. Gold has and will always have value. Now that doesn’t mean that we buy a bunch of gold blocks and put them in a hole in our back yard that would be silly if you are a trader. Traders trade precious metals the don’t buy and hold. If you are going to trade gold then you need a gold trading system.

When you find something that trends then you need to trade it. We understand how gold moves so we developed the Gold Trading System so our members can take advantage of the trends in gold. We do this by using the ETF GLD.

Gold trading signals

Check out our gold trading system today. We post the gold trading signals each day before the market opens.


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