Stop The Yelling

What happens when we yell? It is a sign of panic. If you were in a burning building and it was on fire then you should yell. If you are at a football game and your team scores then you should yell. If someone yells stop as you cross the street you should stop.  

In trading there should be no yelling. There should be no panic. Why do people listen to stock advisers who yell to get attention? The media knows that more yells equals more sells. That is the reason they yell.

Stop trading on fear and panics and get systematic about your trading.


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2-Month Challenge I challenge you to sign up for one of our systems.  You will get 2 months free on any system you choose (the gold has all the systems included). Get an account that lets you paper trade or find an app on your phone, test the system, follow the system, then believe in the system. Do not trade a system that you do not believe in.

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