Trading System Performance

TME 011: September 2014 Week Performance

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 We track our accounts day by day against the back test results. If you do this and find big variance then there is a problem. The back test accounts for gaps so the only variance would be the entry or exit.

The trades made so far in September are following:

  • 9/3 – sold APPL Long position from August
  • 9/3 – bought more TQQQ to balance account




So far in the month of September in the tracking account we started the month with $17700. At the close on 9/19 this account had $20162.93. That is a 13.91% increase from the month of August.



If you look at September so far it has been a very good month for the Gold and 401K systems. As we all know past performance does not future performance. Next month could be the same amount in the opposite direction.

Currently our trades in TQQQ and DSLV are doing well for us. The DSLV position is past the profit point so unless we get a major gap then we should profit on that symbol.

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