Top 5 Tools

Top 5 Tools That We Use in Trading

If I were forced to pick 5 tools that I use to trade with it would not be that hard.  Well I guess it would be hard but not hard to contain it to 5 but hard to get 5. When you have a good system you do not need many tools. Some people will use charting tools.Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 11.47.03 AM We don’t use any of that. Some use 15 computer monitors and 5 computers that have enough cpu power to run a nuclear power plant.Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 11.47.12 AM

We don’t use any of that. Some use Fibonacci to search for trading ideas. I’m not sure that I even know how to pronounce that word. We don’t use any of that. Some people use tarot cards. Well probably not but we don’t use any of that.

Good trading should not be that complicated.

So what tools do we use?

#5-Computer with Excel: Obviously with the flow of information in today’s time every trader needs a computer.  Computers will be used to get information online and build your system if you have your own.

#4-Internet Access: Internet Access is another must.

#3-Broker with a good smart phone app: You must have a broker to trade so that also made our list.

#2-Smart Phone: If you have a job then you need a way to get a signal. With the technology of today anyone can receive a signal in their pocket at any time.

#1-StockTracker app: This is the best app that I have found that will give you real time stock signals.

Keep It Simple!