Trend Trading TQQQ

Trend Trading TQQQ

Trend trading is a strategy that tries to profit from market trends.  In the past it has been used by the CTA industry to trade futures. In today’s time people have begun to use this strategies on stocks and ETFs.

One of the main components that help the success of trend trading in futures is leverage. Leverage allows a person to buy more than their account value to maximize gains. With stocks and ETFs the maximum leverage is much lower than futures contracts. While this maybe a good thing if you are trying to minimize risk it is bad if you are trying to maximize gains. To maximize gains leverage might be needed depending on your goals.

Some ETFs allow you to maximize those gains with leverage. One of those is the ETF TQQQ. TQQQ is an ETF that tries to duplicate three times the Nasdaq (QQQ). So trend trading TQQQ would be a good strategy if you have a good trend trading system. In our system we use the symbol QQQ to track the Nasdaq. We then place the trades on TQQQ. We have found trend trading TQQQ to be a good strategy when trend trading the Nasdaq.


2 Month Challenge

I challenge you to sign up for one of our systems.  You will get 2 months free on any system you choose (the gold has all the systems included). Get an account that lets you paper trade or find an app on your phone, test the system, follow the system, then believe in the system. Do not trade a system that you do not believe in.

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